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Ebola: What you need to know

At a time when Ebola is all over the news and it's easy for misinformation to get interpreted as truth, make sure you have the clear-cut facts.

Here's what our public health officials are saying about the Ebola virus -- get informed, and share this information where everyone can see it.

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It's time for a 21st-century workplace that works for all Americans.

The modern family looks different than it ever has before. In 63 percent of families with children, all parents work. 32 percent of families with children are single-parent families. And yet, most moms and dads don't have access to paid leave or flexible workplaces. On average, women are still earning 77 cents to every dollar a man doing the same work earns.

It's time for workplace policies that give all workers the best chance to succeed at work and at home.

Join us for a conversation on working families for a 21st Century workplace at the Working Families Summit on June 23rd. Visit to learn more.

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The White House, Washington

Hi, everyone --

Today, I'm thinking about all the dads across the country, spending time with family and loved ones -- and especially those fathers serving our country overseas, who can't be home with their kids today.

But I'm also thinking about all the young people out there who don't have a dad in their lives at all -- or who don't always enjoy the opportunities and support that come with having strong role models.

It reminds me why we started the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative in the first place: because we need to do more to help young people go as far as their dreams and hard work will take them, no matter what they look like or where they grow up.

I know I'm only here because people took a chance on me, and believed in me when I didn't always believe in myself. And I want to give more kids that chance. It's an all-hands-on-deck effort, from the folks on my staff -- to you.
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I've heard of Olha Bohomolets as a Doctor of medicine.

A year ago (while talking about private museums) 

I got to know that she  had created a museum of icons 

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The White House Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lights. Camera. Education!

Are you a student filmmaker? Know someone who is?

We want your help.

If you're a student, we want you to make a short film -- and have the chance to show it right here at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the first-ever White House Student Film Festival. If you're a parent or a friend, pass this on to a student you know.

The topic? Technology in classrooms. There's huge power in what technology can do for education -- from taking a course online, to collaborating with students from across the country (or the world!).

We're looking for awesome student filmmakers to show the power of technology in classrooms in a short fi ... Read more »
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Challenge 20/20 October 2013 Wiki TV Listings

18 October 2013
US Teams:
Ukraine Habitat and Biodiversityexternal image Steppes_Ukraine.jpg
22 October 2013
US Teams:
Google Earth presentation
external image 130919121723267139_f0_0.png

Science Project.kmzScience Project.kmz
DetailsDownload1 KB

22 October 2013
US Teams:
Argentina Habitat and Biodiversityexternal image 300px-Garden-celebrates-biodiversity-Bath-4028.jpg
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Challenge 20/20 Channel is on on Wiki TV
Challenge 20/20 September 2013 Wiki TV Listings
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